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Tell your teammates where they can/cannot find more ingredients. Oh I'm going with (ingredient).I'm XX sure. V d e, cook Off, heist Info, contractor, bain. Edit, details, country: USA, language: English. Another likely reason is simply because Bain gets his cooking instructions from shady internet sites ( ".these internet descriptions are iffy" though how that still produces meth is still wildly beyond anyone's guess. According to Bain, it is the exact same meth lab at the exact same location as the original one from the Rats heist, that the payday gang is returning. It's (ingredient).unless I've missed something.

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Note: Should the crew mess up and blow up the lab while the van is dropping off the loaded meth off-site (i.e. Open the sheds even if you won't take ingredients from them immediately. Blowing up the meth lab will cause the whole team to fall incapacitated regardless of their position on the map and triggers a 10 second escape timer at the same time. I'm 100 it is some caustic soda needed here. Wrong and right periods have a triple sentence structure. Says it is liquid form. This method is easy and works almost 100 of the time. This unoccupied shack in the forest was supposedly condemned. None of Hector's stuff this time, this is just for profit. Cooking By the Book Complete the Cook Off job on the Death Wish difficulty or above.

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The compact structure with many windows provided a great many options for providing well-covered fire into the approaches. There are at least 2-3 preset hiding spots for them on the route to the van. My Notes: This job shows exactly how tough this gang. Ignore the power, especially during an assault. Full Measure On day 1 of the Rats job, cook and secure 7 bags worth of meth without blowing up the lab on the overkill difficulty or above.

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If the crew uses the wrong chemical, the lab will explode, setting the room it is located within on fire. All of the above are done for the sake of gameplay simplification. OK, so add caustic. Muriatic acid and hydrogen chloride are identical chemicals at the molecular level, with the former being a solution of the latter. On the counter of the kitchen on the bottom floor. In this case he would be correct, since when he is wrong, he never moves on to the next ingredient without correcting himself. Also Known As: The Wheel of Time, see more filming Locations: Czech Republic, company Credits.

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City records indicate it was structurally unsound and due for demolition. Unlike Rats, the cops will not arrive until after the players have entered the house. Here is a simpler way of figuring out if Bain is right: Wait until Bain says something that suggests he is moving on to the next ingredient. The chemical symbol of Mu does not correspond to any known substance, be it an element or compound. "away and the 3 bag increment hasn't been reached, it will never return and an escape timer will start, thus dooming the heist to fail.

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There are neither beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. Okay, what comes after that. Unlike in Rats, the pick-up van might arrive at the other side of the street, which is unfavorable, as it will be right next to the enemy spawn points and will thus be harder to access. Check hard-to-reach locations first for ingredients; take from outside the house first. Fuck me, we needed those cooks. Its remoteness made it perfect as a place for criminal activity. Color Representation provided as a quick visual guide and will be affected by many variables. Inside the shack at the front. It is highly recommended to bring weapons that have flashlight gadgets attached to them, or wear masks that allow the use of night vision.

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Oh I'm going with (ingredient).it's a toss-up, really. This was done simply for the ease of player recognition, as the initials for Caustic Soda are also. Maximum loot payout 390,000,000 (Normal) 780,000,000 (Hard) 1,014,000,000 (Very Hard) 1,638,000,000 (Overkill) 2,808,000,000 (Mayhem) 3,198,000,000 (Death Wish) 3,588,000,000 (Death Sentence bag Limit 1200 Package locations 19 Other Internal name rat Achievement(s) Trophies v d e " We're. All RGB values for Vanceva are based on transmittance, 10 degree observer with Illuminant D65. Muriatic Acid is aqueous Hydrogen Chloride and would normally appear as HCl. Correction periods have a double sentence structure. Visually perceived color may differ. Quick explanation of how to get the ingredient right: edit edit source (For details on his sentence structure, scroll down.) Bain will give an ingredient that may or may not be the correct one. I don't know, go for it - something. It's therefore recommended to gather ingredients before entering the house.

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Add muriatic acid if you hear: Acid, guys, acid. We'll go with (ingredient). The chemicals are caustic soda, muriatic acid, and hydrogen chloride, which can be found in the basement of the house, the bathroom underneath the stairs, a pickup truck parked nearby, and/or the outdoor sheds, which can be opened with a lockpick or bullets. Trivia, production was halted in March 2020 in Prague due to the corona-virus pandemic. Complete the Cook Off job on the Very Hard difficulty or above. Kiss the Chef is a phrase often printed on chef aprons. I'm going with hydrogen.

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Is that a gas. This site says something else. Mock up samples may be ordered through laminators (m/contact/partner-locator). After saying one of the wrong lines, he corrects himself, saying the right ingredient: It's supposed to be (ingredient)! With the assistance of Bain they gather the needed chemicals and set to work in cooking the needed bags of meth while fending off the assaulting police force. This time, the crew will cook meth for their own profit rather than for Hector. Caustic Soda appears as the symbol for Caesium (Cs) instead of how it is represented in reality (NaOH). Behind the shack at the front of the house. You got any of that lying around? It should be acid.

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